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Glide V by Peter Davison

I Am The Center artists: Gurdjieff / de Hartmann, Gail Laughton, Nesta Kerin Crain, Wilburn Burchette, Iasos, Steven Halpern, Joel Andrews, Constance Demby, Daniel Emmanuel, Don Slepian, Laraaji, Peter Davison, Joanna Brouk, Michael Stearns, Aeoliah, Daniel Kobialka, Larkin, Judith Tripp, Mark Banning, and Alice Damon.


I Am The Center:
Private Issue New Age
In America, 1950 - 1990
Light In The Attic, 2013

Produced by Yoga Records founder Douglas Mcgowan and issued by acclaimed reissue label Light In The Attic, I Am The Center collects 20 extraordinary pieces from the golden age of new age. The Wire, Spin, Ad Hoc, and VICE all rate it one of the 10 best reissues of 2013. Pitchfork calls it "mind-numbingly mellow" and a "Best New Reissue". The New York Times says it's "among the most spectacularly odd and transfixing historical anthologies in recent memory" (Holiday Gift Guide, 11/28/13) and the "most audacious" of the recent wave of reissues covering the genre (For New Age, The Next Generation, 2/13/14). Fact Magazine calls it "a drug worth taking... a genuinely subversive musical act." The Arts Desk calls it "a landmark reissue... as important as Lenny Kaye's Nuggets was to redefining the narrative of America's music of the Sixties." VICE says "this record healed the fuck out of me."

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