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Ted Lucas
Ted Lucas aka The OM Album (1975)

'Plain & Sane & Simple Melody'

Ted Lucas flirted with fame in the late 60s in the Spike Drivers and Misty Wizards, studied with Ravi Shankar, went home to Detroit and played sitar for Motown, and recorded his album, referred to by family and friends as The OM Record (after Ted's private label name), in Detroit and Nashville.

Today the album is a cult favorite with few parallels. Ted Lucas, forgotten for so many years, is finally achieving the international recognition that eluded him in life. Ted's work has been featured in films and television shows, and demand is high for this record to come back into print. We're very sorry for how long it's taken but it is happening!

If you want to know more about who Ted was, listen to this interview or read this PDF of the CD notes by Dennis Loren.

For now download the album at itunes.

Newly remastered LP and CD editions coming very soon.

Modestly beautiful, family-authorized Ted Lucas t-shirts are now available here.

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