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Creation (1973-1980 / 2016)



Husband and wife team Johnima and Kalassu Wintergate are Lightstorm: globetrotting musical collaborators retransmitting messages of love from their teacher and Avatar Sathya Sai Baba. 

Issued under a variety of aliases (Creation Earth, 33 1/3, Teeth), the Lightstorm discography is unknown to all but the most obsessed vinyl casualties. Insofar as the irrepressible J&K are known at all, it's for their twisted, ridiculously entertaining 1982 shot-on-video horror-comedy classic Boardinghouse. (See this movie!) 

The ever-unpredictable Drag City / Yoga Records now present the first-ever Lightstorm collection. Creationfuses the best tracks from the spiritual concept double LP Who Am I: One (1977) and sensual glam rock killer 33 1/3 (1980, as featured in the recent Enjoy The Experience book of private press). 11 pieces of riveting catchy, psych-glam-weirdness, Creation captures both sides of Lightstorm. Soar with 'Let Your Astral Body Fly', and rut with 'Missionary Is Impossible'.

To say that there's nothing else like Lightstorm would be an understatement, but their natural clear underlying love energy is unmistakable. Experience Creation

In the band's own words:

Though fame was often within close reach for Lightstorm, it never materialized on the world stage. The Divine Energy as Creation had a different plan.

Their natural clear underlying love energy, which was mostly due to Johnima & Kalassu's deep personal inner quest for absolute Spiritual Truth and unconditional Love, always vibrated thru all musical renditions and it made the executives unsure since they always worried about the bottom line, "Lightstorm's DOLLAR value."

The Creation Earth album (which was just too far ahead of its time) got a lot of late night airplay but it seemed that its Spirituality Concept was not quite understood by the average record buying public.

The 33 1/3 album became a turntable hit on various radio stations all over the world, but the actual record sales in the US were very slow; probably due to the sensual overtones, which strangely enough, the Corporate, Government and Religious establishments could not control.

Lightstorm continue to perform and travel the world sharing love and light to remind everyone that we are all-powerful Divine Beings and you too can share light and love wherever you are

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