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Les Moore
Yesterday (1973)

Les Moore's first and best album dates back to New Orleans, 1973. This low-budget recording hits all the right notes for aficionados of early private-press SSW music and is considered a minor classic of the "loner/downer" genres. Moore's quavering voice calls to mind Mark Bolan and Devendra Banhart, and his guitar work is subtly virtuosic. Though best known for what Acid Archives calls the "scary jump into the abyss" of the radical cover of The Beatles' 'A Day In The Life,' it's the original compositions by Moore and Andy and John Davis, full of the kind of raw emotion and sadness totally missing from music today, that make this worth checking out. 'Now To Begin' may be the most moving anti-war song ever heard, and 'Ooh-Pah-Do-Pah-Do' (included on Numero Group's great Wayfaring Strangers: Lonesome Heroes comp) may be the most deceptively-titled track you'll ever hear.

Greg Barbrick writes "Unlike a million other self-released vanity projects, Yesterday is an unforgettably dark and personal series of songs, which are not easily forgotten."

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