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Jeff Eubank
A Street Called Straight (1983)

'No Need For The Ground'

"I have to admit that when I first held Eubank in my hands and gazed upon the flimsy, ugly cover I felt dread deep in the pit of my stomach. I played it once and was all like ughhh whatever... but then almost immediately I wanted to play it again... and again..." -- Jeff Hassett, founder of

The title of the album is best explained by Eubank. He wrote me the following in an email:

Though I don't consider myself very religious (at least in the sense of organized religion), I do find many stories in the Bible notable. This particular verse ("rise and go to a street called straight" from Acts 9:10-19) finds Ananias being directed to risk harm and perhaps his life to help a man he knows to be dangerous. The implication of the fact that the name of the street was (and is) Straight (like straight and narrow) shouldn't be lost on someone who is reading carefully. As this relates to the lyrics of the song, we all have had to, at some time (or many times), move on in courage and leave the past behind (good or bad). In the case of these lyrics, there is hope: "there is an end to this endless night... after all."

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*Many thanks to Rich Haupt, John Wyatt, and Jae-Soo Yi, and the many good folks at Drag City, without whom these releases would not have been possible.

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