Collie Ryan / The Rainbow Records / Yoga RecordsNamed after Rainbow Recording in Santa Barbara, the studio where Collie Ryan recorded her three LPs in 1973. This beautiful set of CDs reproduces the originals in unprecidented fidelity -- 24-bit transfered from perfectly preserved master tapes by JD Emmanuel and (necessarily & respectfully, and perfectly) remixed by Jae-Soo Yi of Riverman Music. Includes paper sleeves replicating the original covers, slipcase with new artwork by Ms. Ryan, three photo cards, and liner notes by Collie's friend Tommie Zook, who saved Collie's tapes and provides a rare & compelling look at the desert people who inspired this music. Over two hours of genuinely essential folk psych for all fans of Perhacs et al. This 3CD set is now sold out but may still be available from distros like Forced Exposure in the United States, Record Heaven in Sweden, or Disk Union in Japan.

"Three cds may be a lot to take in all at once, but such visionary singers come around so rarely that it's a truly a transcendent experience to be completely absorbed in her blissful cosmology." -- Aquarius Records