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Collie Ryan
The Hour Is Now (1973 / 2008)

Yes, this is the same Collie Ryan whose music is all over the best independent movie of 2013, Andrew Bujalski's Computer Chess.

Here's an LP compilation of some of the best tracks from Collie Ryan's three 1973 albums, with a new cover and a handwritten lyric insert by Ms. Ryan. Heavy Stoughton "laserdisc" covers, all analog process, edition of 1,000. A Sebastian Speaks / Yoga coproduction.

Collie Ryan is a student of Theosophy who privately pressed three records in 1973. This project was funded by her friends at New Age Farms carrot and fresh juice company in Lompoc, California, and the records were distributed at shows at the Sun and Earth Health Food Store and Restaurant in Santa Barbara. The songs are primarily about the theosophist concepts of karma and reincarnation; they are lovely and subtle enough that most listeners rarely detect any sort of underlying meaning without having it pointed out first. Theosophy is more a philosophy than a religion, and you can find out more about it here.

Colllie Ryan's music is deceptively simple -- using nothing more than her high, birdlike voice and excellent acoustic guitar and occasional reverb & natural sound effects, she creates a tremendous, mystical atmosphere evoking the gypsy lifestyle. She completely dropped off the grid shortly after these records were made and today lives with nature and works as an artist, painting mandalas on hubcaps.

The Hour Is Now LP available at Forced Exposure

The Hour Is Now download at bandcamp


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