Alan Munson
In Debt (as Cooley-Munson, 1972)
Good Morning World (1975) 
First Light (1979)

Writing in The Acid Archives, Aaron Milenski says Cooley-Munson has "a sound similar to the early Chuck & Mary Perrin albums, if they didn't have female vocals. Japanese collectors crave it for those songs, though psych collectors will be more interested in 'Sightly Sue,' which has bizarre use of guitar vibrato, and 'I Need a Change' and 'Where Is The Change,' which have a bit of mild fuzz guitar (the latter has maybe the shortest and most unlikely wah wah break ever.) A few other songs have some jazzy lead guitar and complex chord progressions. Overall, somewhere between stark hippie folk and folky singer/songwriter. Loner folk fans may enjoy it, as a couple of songs are pretty dark in tone."

Munson's next project, the cassette-only Good Morning World may be his strongest effort. This mellow spin on the west coast sound resembles a Curt Boettcher production (The Millennium, Sagittarius) that doesn't try as hard. It's that good.

First Light continues the project started with Good Morning World to great effect. Following LP and CD reissues by Guerssen, Munson returned in 2009 with The Road Goes On and proved that he has not missed the a step in the intervening years. You can learn more and write to Alan at Special thanks to Antoni at Guerssen for putting these reissues together and allowing Yoga to release the downloads!

In Debt
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Good Morning World
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First Light
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