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'Water Is Precious'  

Here's an album that's so good that it just invalidated every top reissues of 2010 list you may have seen.

Bay area denizens Dennis Wilcox, Michael Sullivan, and Judy Wilcox and a host of friends put this recording together in 1971. Two years later, Hearts Of Space radio co-founder Stephen Hill heard the album, liked it and played it on the air. The response was overwhelmingly positive, so the group put it out on vinyl and got it into the new age bookstore distribution circuit with Hill's help -- an unusual coup for a folk record, private press or otherwise. The album was rediscovered as a lost psych folk classic and has seen its profile rise dramatically over the past decade, with the originals now selling for hundreds of dollars.

A few years back I found Dennis Wilcox and the album's producer, Goldust label owner Emmit Brooks, and implored them to do a reissue. Emmit dusted off the original master tapes and personally remastered the album and produced a CD that perfectly captures the magic of these recordings, with none of the "improvements" that sometimes sabotage DIY reissues. Dennis' liner notes reflect the innocence of the album. Although we can never go back to the crystalline purity of this music, anyone can appreciate its magic. Drive around listening to this, and I guarantee your day will be blessed.

Anyway, this little masterpiece has very quietly returned to the marketplace after 35 years, and even many of the heavy duty record collectors are still finding out about it. I'm helping Dennis and Emmit get the album back out there because I feel so strongly about this one. My ticket is full, but if any new label out there is looking for a vinyl reissue project, here it is...

Wilcox Sullivan Wilcox / Yoga Records

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