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Edward Larry Gordon
Celestial Vibration (1978)

Better known asĀ Laraaji, Edward Larry Gordon released this remarkable zither / kalimba new age record in 1978, when he was working in part as a street musician in New York , just before he was discovered by Brian Eno in the midst of Eno's most fruitful period, when he was working with David Bowie, Harold Budd, Talking Heads, Cluster, Devo...

What Eno heard, and what intrepid listeners have heard ever since, is an explorer learning his instrument and discovering its possibilities. Though Gordon had a jazz background, this can only be referred to as new age music -- music charting new ground and availing itself of new possibilities made possible by the 70s explosion in consciousness-seeking. Listen closely at the album's end and you will hear the microphone seem to explode. After 35 years, the results of Gordon's earliest explorations are as fresh and exhilarating as ever.

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LP sold out; CD fromĀ Soul Jazz

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